Manly zip tie  manly zip tie
purple print

3 sizes:
10" - fits 6m to 24m
14" - fits 2yrs to 5yrs
15" - fits 6yrs to 12yrs

About your new d mo baby tie:

What really makes these ties popular is that not only are they easily adjustable, but they are not so easy to just slide out of place. They have a locking mechanism thanks to the zipper so that when the tie is adjusted to fit around a person's neck comfortably, it will stay in that position and remain fixed in place. This guarantees a great tie every time they are worn.

How to work your new d mo baby zipper tie:
Most important step: Before you pull on the tie, make sure the zipper pull is lifted (The zipper pull is what you grab on to in order to zip and unzip the tie). When the zipper pull is down, its prongs are locked into the zipper teeth and it will not move.

Step 1: Simply grab the small end of the tie with one hand and grab the knot with the other. Then, the zipper can slide up by holding the small end and sliding the knot up (again, only if the most important step above was done).

Step 2: Once your tie is comfortable and in place, push down the zipper pull to lock it into the teeth of the zipper. The tie will not move when locked.